“Top 50 Healthcare Company” and "Top 50 Smart Healthcare Leaders" Awards.

In November 2018, the Smart Health Conference has granted both SAH Global and  Mr Feroz AGAD, Chairman of SAH Global and SAH Care , the “Top 50 Healthcare Company”  and the “Top 50 Smart Healthcare Leaders” Awards.

SAH is proud to see its Chairman, Mr Feroz AGAD, rewarded for his outstanding contribution to the Healthcare sector.

In his overall reach in the fight against cancer, Mr Feroz AGAD has particularly impacted the Industry of Proton Therapy and has demonstrated an exceptional spirit of Innovation to ensure patients from accross the world have acces to best treatment available. Mr Feroz AGAD defines the future readiness of the Oncology organizations to not only meet the market demand, but to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to patients wherever they live.


About SAH Global

Strategic Alliance Holdings Global, LLC (“SAH Global”), is a holding company founded in 2005 to establish highly specialized projects in areas such as healthcare. SAH Global has actively pioneered the effort to bring vital cancer treatment solutions to the Middle East.

SAH seeks to develop a series of world-class proton therapy centers for the treatment of cancer in various under-served parts of the world. Our network of Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment Centers and our Molecular Imaging Centers will revolutionize not only cancer care, but healthcare in the MENA region. These state-of-the-art cancer treatment centers are designed to provide superior comfort and support to all patients, with a particular focus on the needs of children. As a network of worldwide centers of excellence for proton therapy, SAH Global also plans to provide training, education, research and development services, which will further develop the facilities as the cancer treatment centers for the region.

The success of our multi-sector projects will fuel the creation of sustainable communities while strengthening existing ones. We uphold our commitment to give back to the communities in which our operations are based by investing in projects related to education, infrastructure and healthcare. Our focus on fostering long-term regional development through viable community-based projects, at both the local and national level, will not only enrich businesses but better the lives of citizens; rich and poor; young and old.