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Whether you are seeking a second opinion after a cancer diagnosis, or need more information about Proton Therapy and other advanced treatments, we are here to help. Please complete the form below and after you submit it, one of our care representatives will be in touch with you.

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For a prompt review of your case, please start gathering your medical records:

  • Consult Note from treating Medical Doctor including but not limited to: information regarding diagnosis, treatment protocols, treatment to date, complications, etc.
  • Operative Notes for all procedures
  • Anesthesia Notes
  • Pre-operative and Post-Operative Scans (MRI, CT, PET) and any other pertinent scans in disc format
  • Reports for above scans
  • Pathology reports: includes tumor, bone marrow, and CSF if applicable
  • Up to Date Medications: include doses and frequency
  • Roadmaps: include any chemotherapy patient has received and treatment plan and consent for treatment if applicable

When contacting you, our Care representative will let you know how to securely send us those data.

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