At SAH Care we focus not only on providing the best treatment, but we also place at the heart of our concerns the well-being and follow-up of our patients. 

We approach each patient’s care with honesty and integrity. We take pride in the fact that SAH Care hematologists, oncologists and surgeons create the most effective treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs. Using a host of proven cancer treatments, either singly or in combination, our team of experts use the treatments that they know well to aggressively and appropriately attack each patient’s cancer. Our mission and our goal is to battle all types of cancer with skill and deep compassion for every patient.

At SAH Care, we treat patients like family. Our staff surrounds each patient with the reassuring warmth needed to make it through extended treatment regimens far from home. We know the power of a smile, the comfort of a helping hand and the friendship of a kind word can make a difficult day easier. Our mission is to be a comforting home-away-from home for patients choosing SAH Care for their cancer care. We have developed a system of patient-centered operations, medical care and staff training that uses medical best practices to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.

At the core of SAH Care lies a philosophy of medical care delivered with compassion and respect. We know how to pay special attention to all patients’ needs, including their emotional, cultural, and religious priorities. Our staff brings an innate understanding of patient’s concerns and we’re committed to providing them with the best levels of care.

SAH Global is committed to the continuum of care. We have modeled our follow-up care after Dr. Thornton’s training in Canada at the Princess Margaret Hospital. This practice is an essential part of the quality of care and positive clinical outcome we deliver to each patient.  Because most oncology patients require years of follow-up care, we strive for a team approach with locally based physicians to provide the level of quality care our clients deserve. 


SAH Care organizes patients reunions