Being comfortable during treatment is an essential part of your well-being. That is why we take care of every aspect of your treatment journey. When we concentrate on the smallest of details, you can concentrate on getting better.

Full Care Services


We can help book international flights from any country in the world. We work with premium airlines to provide you with the maximum comfort at the lowest rates when you want to travel for care.


We are happy to arrange accommodations for you and your loved ones while you receive treatment. We work with a wide selection of hotel partners, apartments and other housing alternatives that are conveniently located near our treatment center.

Phone & Internet

While in treatment you need to feel close to home. We can help you to obtain a local phone number and high-speed internet service so you can remain in close contact with your loved ones.

Appointments Scheduling

Thanks to our partnership with leading healthcare institutions in the U.S. we can schedule all of your appointments in advance of your arrival.

Visa Processing

We can provide you with all the documentation required to obtain your visa documents in a timely fashion, and in line with the scheduling of your appointments.


Our services can arrange connections and transfers so that you have a smooth journey door to door, from home to airport, hotel and treatment. Once you have arrived, we can also arrange for a driver to be at your disposal during your stay.


We can help get your medical reports translated so the doctors can evaluate your medical case. When leaving the clinic, translators can also provide you with your medical discharge report in your language.



Good communication between doctor, patient and relatives is essential for a successful treatment. We can provide you with experienced interpreters that will accompany you during your stay.


No need to worry about numerous bills piling up on your desk. We will consolidate all your medical treatments into one bill.


Life is full of tiny details and our concierge service is available to help you take care of them.

Let us plan your stress-free medical journey


A patient’s journey through the fear and emotional upheaval of cancer treatment should not be further complicated by logistical and scheduling difficulties. The prospect of traveling while ill can be too overwhelming to consider and can prevent patients from accessing appropriate treatment. That is why SAH Care proposes high quality personnalized concierge services for every aspect of the patient’s treatment journey, providing assistance from travel arrangements and visa processing to accommodations and interpreters. We place each patient in our hands to get them safely to timely treatment.

Once patients arrive at SAH Care, we treat them like family. Our staff surrounds each patient with the reassuring warmth needed to make it through extended treatment regimens far from home. We know the power of a smile, the comfort of a helping hand and the friendship of a kind word can make a dif cult day easier. Our mission is to be a comforting home-away-from home for patients choosing SAH Care for their cancer care.

Once the decision is made for proton therapy, we usually send the patient to the overseas committee which will collaborate with SAH in the United States. The process is very, very simple, quick and easy. The patient, within one to two weeks of the decision making, will be sent abroad to the United States for the treatment. He or she will stay there and receive great care from the SAH team.

Every patient who returns from treatment praises the team at SAH Care. From their departure from Bahrain to their arrival in the States and throughout the course of their treatment, patients praise the team.

They talk about the good company they had, the good treatment they received, the perfect communication with the staff, the doctors, and the therapists – with everything. When we see patients who have fully recovered, cured from the cancer, we are more than excited. It’s a present for us. We don’t need anything else. The patient is happy.

Dr Hanadi Malik, M.D., MSc.

Radiation Oncologist, SMC, The Kingdom of Bahrain