Watch Zahraa’s Treatment Journey

Initial Consultation

SAH Care’s local medical assistant will gather the necessary information from you and your medical team. Once your condition has been fully evaluated, a decision will be made as to whether Proton Therapy treatment at our affiliated centers is an effective treatment option. It is not appropriate for all cancers and in those cases, we will do our very best to recommend other effective treatments.

Pre-treatment Procedures

Once you have been approved for Proton Therapy, there may be several procedures required to prepare for the treatments. These procedures will occur either at your home medical center, or at our treatment center after you arrive. Depending on your specific cancer diagnosis these procedures may include:

  • Bone and body scans
  • Fitting for a gentle immobilization device (to keep your body stationary during treatment)
  • Implantation of targeting markers
  • Measurements to ensure accurate fit of immobilization device
  • X-rays with the immobilization device on to check the position of the tumor

Getting Treated

On your first day at our treatment center, you are likely to be a bit nervous. Our goal at SAH Care is to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Our staff will describe the treatment to you every step along the way. You will not have to wonder what is being done or what will happen next. We will reassure you, comfort you and make sure you are ready to proceed before beginning the treatment.

Once you are comfortably situated in the treatment room, the treatment process begins. An average treatment is 45 minutes in length, and most of the time is spent positioning you precisely. The actual time for the Proton beam treatment is just a few minutes, occurring repeatedly during each treatment session. Treatments are administered Monday through Friday for six to nine weeks.

Follow-up Care

Follow-up visits are an important part of treatment. Either your regular oncologist at home, or a physician at one of our Proton Therapy centers, will perform examinations at regularly scheduled intervals for at least one year after treatment. Our radiation oncologists will work with you to determine the best course of follow-up care.